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What Are The Most Common Reasons Of Broken Garage Door Springs? 2 years ago

Even though you mightn’t always find a broken garage door spring, the signs of it are very clear & different as long as you know what to look for.

But the question is why overhead door springs break down in the first place? Is a broken overhead door spring is a rare instance, prompted only by a particular incident, or is it a typical occurrence that occurs steadily over time? Well, the answer is – it can be both. Let’s go through a few common reasons of a broken garage door spring.

Rust: Overhead door springs are made from metal, so they are susceptible to decay. If any rust builds up in the spring, its durability can be reduced by years. Decay deteriorates the coiled spring & also augments the amount of friction, making it to wear quicker.

Poor Maintenance: Though overhead door springs don’t need extensive care & maintenance, but they can’t also be left totally overlooked. It is wise to check the balance of the overhead door every year.

Regular wear: While it’d be great if the garage door spring lasted forever, the truth is that the simple action of opening & closing the door numerous times every day are not easy. It is hard on the spring, even though they are designed specifically to do this task. Most garage door springs are made to last long, but they will not last for lifetime. The everyday wear & tear of endlessly opening & closing of the door breaks the spring down and eventually, they have to be repaired or replaced.

Cost saving schemes: Everybody wants save some cash. Unfortunately, there’re some areas you simply cannot ignore and this definitely includes your garage door spring. As much as it might be alluring to buy cheaper spring, or may be to purchase one spring where 2 are requires, these attempts to save cash will only end up costing you more money in costly garage door repair. When you invest on proper springs, they will last for many years. When you cut corners to save some dollars, the spring will wear out quicker, meaning they will need to be replaced much faster.

There is never a convenient time for your overhead door spring to break down. When this vital component breaks down, you need garage door spring repair or replacement job quickly. And for this you can always trust Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers – your one stop garage door service in Brisbane. For any garage door spring emergency, Call 0424 313 713 now or email