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Garage Door Installation Brisbane 1 mo ago

Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers specializes in garage door installation in Brisbane. We have experience expert to fix your garage door requirement. Call us at 0424313713 and visit us today for more information about our services at

Automatic Garage Door Brisbane 2 mos ago

Brisbane Automatic garage Door Openers is one of the leading automatic garage door opener providers in Brisbane. We services, sells and installs a complete range of garage door openers to home and business owners, builders, real estate agents, strata companies & body corporate entities.

Can Regular Maintenance Prevent Garage Door Fatal Injuries? 3 mos ago

Yes absolutely! As per the report, nearly 18,000 injuries happen yearly as a consequence of defective garage door mechanisms. The 2 most typical injuries are from overhead doors falling over individuals & strained fingers in between the panels. Frayed cables and unbalanced springs contribute to falling garage doors. Timely preventative maintenance can lessen the likelihood of falling overhead doors. It also can make sure your family’s safety and also decrease damage to cars and other belongings.

We are 24×7 ready to inspect your overhead door:

If you’ve never had your overhead door checked, then this is the right time to call Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers. A proper inspection followed by timely maintenance will not just save you money but keep your family safe from any type of unexpected injuries prompted by a defective overhead door. Apart from inspection, we also provide new garage door installation, major repairs and complete door replacement.

To know more about our garage door repair and services in Brisbane, Contact us at 0424 313 713 or email

Garage Door Repair Brisbane 5 mos ago

Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers specializes in garage door installation in Brisbane. We have experience expert to fix your garage door requirement. Call us at 0424313713 and visit us today for more information about our services at

What Are The Most Common Reasons Of Broken Garage Door Springs? 6 mos ago

Even though you mightn’t always find a broken garage door spring, the signs of it are very clear & different as long as you know what to look for.

But the question is why overhead door springs break down in the first place? Is a broken overhead door spring is a rare instance, prompted only by a particular incident, or is it a typical occurrence that occurs steadily over time? Well, the answer is – it can be both. Let’s go through a few common reasons of a broken garage door spring.

Rust: Overhead door springs are made from metal, so they are susceptible to decay. If any rust builds up in the spring, its durability can be reduced by years. Decay deteriorates the coiled spring & also augments the amount of friction, making it to wear quicker.

Poor Maintenance: Though overhead door springs don’t need extensive care & maintenance, but they can’t also be left totally overlooked. It is wise to check the balance of the overhead door every year.

Regular wear: While it’d be great if the garage door spring lasted forever, the truth is that the simple action of opening & closing the door numerous times every day are not easy. It is hard on the spring, even though they are designed specifically to do this task. Most garage door springs are made to last long, but they will not last for lifetime. The everyday wear & tear of endlessly opening & closing of the door breaks the spring down and eventually, they have to be repaired or replaced.

Cost saving schemes: Everybody wants save some cash. Unfortunately, there’re some areas you simply cannot ignore and this definitely includes your garage door spring. As much as it might be alluring to buy cheaper spring, or may be to purchase one spring where 2 are requires, these attempts to save cash will only end up costing you more money in costly garage door repair. When you invest on proper springs, they will last for many years. When you cut corners to save some dollars, the spring will wear out quicker, meaning they will need to be replaced much faster.

There is never a convenient time for your overhead door spring to break down. When this vital component breaks down, you need garage door spring repair or replacement job quickly. And for this you can always trust Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers – your one stop garage door service in Brisbane. For any garage door spring emergency, Call 0424 313 713 now or email

What Types of Garage Door Opener Options are Available in Brisbane? 8 mos ago

Types of Garage Door Openers in Brisbane Just about every home in Brisbane has a garage door and most of these have an automatic garage door opener fitted. These doors provide the home with security, and an automatic opener gives us push button convenience. But none of us think about either of them – until they go wrong!

And that is about when we discover that we know very little about them. We don’t know that there are different types of doors available, or that not all doors can be fitted to our garage, or what are our options for repair or automation.

In this post, we are going to discuss about the types of automated garage door openers, which will help you in giving an idea to pick the desired one. Please read on!

A) Tilt Doors and Sectional Doors

Option1- Chain Drive Garage Door Openers:

The majority of older Tilt Doors and Sectional Doors in Brisbane use this chain driven classic garage door opener. These openers have a unit that contains the controls and the electric motor, and this unit drives a bicycle chain attached o a trolley which in turn is connected to the garage door by a j-arm. The trolley runs up and down a rail or a track and the chain is exposed. • These are common on the Tilt Doors installed on the traditional “Queenslander" houses. These chain driven garage door openers are rugged and reliable and for years have been one of the most economical options • But recent and potential changes to Australia Health and Safety regulations for garage door openers, means that this system with an exposed chain drive has meant that reputable suppliers of garage door openers have moved to a “C-Rail” system, which has the belt or chain totally enclosed within the rail. • This means that we no longer install the traditional Chain Drive Garage Door Opener on domestic garage doors.

Option2- Belt Drive Garage Door Openers:

As a result of the Health and Safety compliance issues already mentioned in Option 1, , their sleekness and much reduced noise levels, the belt driven garage door opener is now the preferred option, particularly in more up-market accommodation. • The door is lifted by a steel reinforced rubber belt that is entirely enclosed within the “C-Rail” system. • Newer and quieter motors and gearboxes, and the reduced vibration resulting from eliminating the chain, has meant further reduction in noise levels and wear and tear. B) Roller Doors Option 1 Separate Dive and Control Unit This type of opener is rugged and reliable and once setup properly, operates without problem for many years. They are noisy and unsophisticated by modern standards, and lack some of the modern safety features • As the Drive Unit mostly fits inside the door roll, it has been particularly successful on roller doors where side room is limited. • Replacement of control Unit parts is easy • Setting the limits in tight spaces requires experience as it needs to be done entirely by touch Option 2 Compact Garage Door Openers • Designed for single or double roller doors, these openers fit on either side of the roller door, and rest on the bracket that supports the door. • They are powerful and fast, and tend to have a rugged DC motor. • As they fit onto the side of the door, they are easy to install and to replace. • Care must be taken while installing to prevent the tension on the springs from being released, or the door falling off the bracket while installing. • DIYers should be careful when doing the installation alone

In case you want to purchase a right type of garage door opener or looking for a successfully replacing the openers then simply rely on the best. Garage door repair specialists, Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers offers garage door opener repair and consultation in Brisbane. As one of the leading garage door professionals, we offer exceptional and affordable service like automatic garage door, tilt garage door openers repair and sectional garage door repair in Brisbane. We extend our service are to Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs, south to the Gold Coast, North to the Sunshine Coast & west to Ipswich.

Feel free to contact us today at 0424 313 713.

How Sectional Garage Doors are the Best Choice? 8 mos ago

In most cases it is found that home or business owners in Brisbane having sliding or overhead garage door, often face the inconvenience of repairing or replacing the garage door parts and accessories. In this case installing sturdy and top quality sectional garage door at your Brisbane property will prove to be an effective solution. Normally the sectional garage door is characterized by horizontal panels that are connected to a door track. The sectional garage door operates by rolling vertically and resting against the ceiling soffit in open position. Do you want to avoid the expense of full garage door panel replacement? Then sectional garage doors will prove to be the best option. Durable sectional garage doors top level of safety and security for your home or business in Brisbane.

Let us discuss about the benefits of Sectional garage door that makes it one of the best choice:

#1-Compact Operation: It is found that sectional garage doors move in the vertical planes unlike hinged doors; this results in providing enough space by maximizing the door width, which allows your car to enter without any restrictions. In case the driveway lengths are short and the car need to be parked very close to the garage face, then installing sectional garage doors will prove to right option.

#2-Security and Control: By installing sectional garage doors at your property in Brisbane, you will enjoy a high level of security. The rubber seals on the sectional garage door perimeter check wind drafts and dirt from blowing into the garage, which proves to be a great feature. With sectional garage doors, you will have the control of enjoying ventilation and cutting sun glare.

#3-Functionality and Available Choices: Sectional garage doors can be automated during the installation (or later on) at your Brisbane property with electric garage door openers. You will find sectional garage doors are available in wide selection of materials like steel, fiberglass and timber that comes with wonderful colors and finishes. Your selection of sectional garage doors can also include options like insulated or non-insulated panels.

Conclusion: For installing your sectional garage door, you should always rely on a reputable garage door company in Brisbane. The expert and professional garage door technicians will deliver top quality service like replacement of broken garage door openers or sectional garage door repair in Brisbane. You will find a professional and reputable garage door company is competent enough in handling all types of garage door issues that include Roller Door, Panel Lift Door, Sectional Door, Tilt Door or Automatic Garage Door in Brisbane. This will help you in enjoying industry best and cost-effective service for your garage door issues.

Choose the Best Garage Door Openers 9 mos ago

A garage door opener allows the door to be opened and closed without the driver having to leave the car when arriving or leaving their property. No matter the type of style of garage door, there is an automatic system that can be installed to it.

There are many benefits to having an automatic garage door opener installed on your garage door but none more important than safe access in and out of the property.

When it comes to maintenance, nothing is more important than having your garage door and garage door opener checked. It is important to have your garage door and garage door opener serviced, adjusted, and tested to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

There are many brands of garage door openers available to suit different sized and types of garage doors. Choosing the correct garage door opener for your application is essential.

Think Safety When Choosing Opener for Garage Door

A garage door can weigh anywhere between 50 – 150kg. Over time your door will require periodic maintenance to ensure that everything is working at its optimum level and is not causing any unnecessary wear and tear. It is also essential to make sure that all your garage door opener accessories like photo eye beams and your safety system are tested regularly. These accessories prevent the garage door opener from operating and closing on a person, animal or vehicle.

Garage door openers are operated by remotes which can be used from inside the property or in addition, accessories like keypads can be installed outside the home so that access can be given to anyone who needs to enter the property through the garage door via a 4 digit pin.

Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers is a certified reseller and trained installer of garage door openers. Our service area covers Brisbane and all its surrounding suburbs, south to the Gold Coast, North to the Sunshine Coast & west to Ipswich. Visit us at

Top Signs to Opt for Garage Door Spring Repair in Brisbane 9 mos ago

Do you know garage door spring is one of the main elements that ensure proper functioning of the garage door? To keep your Brisbane home’s garage door in a proper working condition, it is important in ensuring checking up the springs. The main job of the garage door springs is to wind and unwind on the movement of the door, which at times breaks or worn out due to daily wear and tear. In case of a broken, worn out or faulty garage door spring, you need to opt for getting assistance from garage door repair professionals in Brisbane who will fix up the issue that will help in avoiding a potential disaster.

Let us first discuss about the two different types of springs for your garage door in Brisbane:

• Torsion Springs: Torsion springs use torque to raise the garage doors with an ease and in a safe way. This type of spring is attached above the garage opening, which slowly twist and coil on the shaft to ensure a smooth operation. • Extension Springs: These types of springs are located above the upper horizontal tracks on both sides of the garage door. Paired with safety cables, the extension spring provides the counterbalancing force to support the garage door.

Here are the common signs of a broken or faulty spring system of your garage door in Brisbane, which requires a prompt repair service:

1-Signs of a Broken or Faulty Torsion Garage Door Spring:

• When the garage door do not fully open • The garage door’s top section is dented • When you see a visible gap in the garage door spring • The garage door falls or closes too quickly (which can at times cause severe injury)

2-Signs of a Broken or Faulty Extension Spring System:

• When you observe a jerky garage door movement • One of the common signs is experiencing a crooked garage door movement • When your garage door is found to be snapped

Why DIY garage door spring repair or replacement in Brisbane is not a wise way to deal with the issue? Using a socket wrench or screwdriver is not enough for you to indulge in fixing up a garage door spring issue. You must remember that DIY garage door spring repair or replacement can lead to unwanted incidents or severe injury. In this case, it will be wise to opt for a professional and reliable garage door spring repair in Brisbane from Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers. We are your local garage door experts who will offer a prompt and exceptional service. Our highly skilled garage door technicians are well trained to identify an exact issue and fix it up within no time. Whether it is about fixing up the spring issues or automatic garage door and tilt garage door openers in Brisbane, we offer you the best solutions by delivering an affordable and top quality repair and replacement service.

We are always there to handle your all kinds of garage door issues in a prompt and reliable way; Give us a call today at 0424 313 713. Our garage door service is extended to areas like; Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs, south to the Gold Coast, North to the Sunshine Coast & west to Ipswich.