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Why Garage Door Springs Breakdown – Top 4 Most Common Reasons 1 year ago

Have you ever pulled into your driveway after an exhausting day at the workplace just to discover that your overhead door does not open when you hit the button? Yes, this is not a fun thing at all, especially when you’ve no idea what went wrong.

When your overhead doors stop functioning it’s likely because of the spring breaking – an absolutely common problem that’s easy to have fixed professionally. Your garage door spring can break down for different reasons. Mentioned below are a few:

Wear and Tear: This is perhaps the number one reason why overhead door spring malfunction. The typical torsion spring will last for nearly 10,000 cycles. A cycle complete when the door goes up & then come down. Even if you were to just leave & come back once all through the day, that still equals to 2 cycles per day. That being said an overhead door spring would simply last for a little more than 13.5 years. However, a lot of people open & close their garage doors several times all through the day, running many cycles, reducing that lifetime to far less than 13.5 years. It’s even feasible to go through 10,000 cycles in about a year.

Rust Aaccumulation:

When rust accumulates on the spring it can make it to easily breakdown & the lifespan of it to be reduced. Rust makes friction on the coil & weakens it also. You can avoid spring break down because of rust by spraying down the coil with a lubricant in regular interval, which keeps it both lubricated & from accumulating rust.

Poor Upkeep:

No doubt wear& tear can eventually make the door spring to break. But, by doing required maintenance you can extend the spring’s life considerably. The 1st thing to do is spray down the coil with lubricants a minimum 3 times a year. Furthermore, you must check out the overhead door balance every season. We’ve found that a lot of people face spring breakdown problems during the winter, so scrutinizing it more regularly during that time is advocated.

Wrong Springs Used:

Your overhead door springs will probably fail sooner than later when you use wrong spring length or wire size. Correctly maintained & built overhead door must have 2 torsion springs, one on each side.

Though broken garage door spring are widespread because of the different reasons mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you’ve to put up with that inconvenience. Brisbane Automatic Garage Door Openers offer quality garage door repair in Brisbane that also includes prompt spring repair. We assure that we can have your overhead door running again in no time. Call 0424 313 713 now or Email for a service quote.